Troubleshoot Common Webroot Errors:

Sometimes, customer face different Webroot errors while installing and activating Webroot product. Hence, in this blog you will read the method to fix Common Webroot Errors. For help, visit

Method to Fix Common Webroot Errors:

  1. Webroot Error Code UPW003:

This issue occurs if user’s reset Password request cannot be processed, if the user’s account is not created or confirmed, if email address which you typed in had a typo or if you use another email address to create your account. To fix this issue, you should create an online management account. Now, you should generate a Password and Personal Security Code. After you create an account but you have not confirmed it, then you must confirm it to fix the issue.

  1. Webroot Error URFL103:

This issue occurs if you are unable to register the keycode. This means if you create a new account; but the keycode is already registered. To fix the issue, instead of creating an account, you should log in to the account management website. And while creating the account, you must use another email address. It might be possible the user is using the correct email address, but the password is not correct. Hence, you must reset the password.

  1. Webroot Error UPA004:

This issue occurs if your reset password request cannot be processed and the information which you enter does not match. And also if the answer to the secret question is not entered correctly. As answer to the secret question is case sensitive, hence you must use different capitalization to fix this error.

  1. Webroot Error(UCXS511):

This issue occurs in case, your account has been logged out and an add-on in Internet Explorer blocks access to your online account. To fix this issue, you should open Internet Explorer. And then visit to Tools and then hit on Manage Add-ons. After this, you should tap on Toolbars and Extensions which is on the left side of the computer. Now in the drop-down box, you should select “All Add-ons”. Then in the list, you should find “Google Frame” and then tap on this add-on just to select it. At the end, you should click on Disable button and just close Manage Add-ons window.

  1. Webroot Error UCR2:

This issue occurs if there is invalid Security Code Credentials. If the user wants to fix this issue, then they should re-enter requested characters from the security code. Remember, security code is not similar to your keycode. And it has 6 letters or numbers and it is different from password and security question. Keep in mind the credentials are case sensitive, so the user must recall their credentials and then hit on the link which is provided in the email to finish setting up your account. If the user is not able to remember the security code, then Webroot team will access your account and reset the login credentials.

  1. Webroot Error Code WB102:

This issue occurs if the user is trying to complete registration for their online management account. To fix this issue, the user must send a message to Webroot team and they will fix the error.

  1. Webroot Error Code URFL044:

In case, the customer is getting the issue during account creation. To fix this issue, you should not create an account; you attempt to log in. In case, the customer is not sure of the login credentials then just reset the password. But if the user is unable to log in or cannot recognize your email address then to fix this issue, contact to Webroot Support team.

  1. Webroot Error 1706 or 102:

If the user log in to the account, and they get the message “Can’t log in?” Then, the user should hit on the link “Forgot Password”. In order to “Reset your Password”, you should tap on “Password” or “Personal Security Code”. After this, you should tap on the “Username” and then input your “Email Address”. When you enter your email address or username, then you will view a message displays on your screen “Your account has not been activated”. If you receive the message, then the activation email will be there in your account. Then, tap on the “Resend Email button” and just follow the on screen instruction provided in the email.

  1. Webroot Error 21:

To fix this issue, you should repair all the windows registry which is related to the Webroot antivirus security software. After this, you should check by using internet connection or web browser. Now, you have to perform a full malware scan of your computer system. At this point, you should Search all the temporary files or folder, and just remove it with clean manager software. Here, you need to delete all the stored junks file with the help of clean manager tool. Next, you should use Windows System Restore in order to “Undo” Recent System Changes. Then, uninstall and reinstall the Webroot Secureanywhere Program. And to confirm all the changes, you should start the windows system file checker. After this, you should install all available windows update. You should do the work with clean installation window. At last, wait for the procedure to finish and then Restart your computer.

  1. Webroot Uninstall Error 100:

For this, you should tap on the start button and then choose Control Panel from the right side. After this, you need to choose Programs and Features or Programs. Now, you should select Uninstall a program just under Programs tab. You should scroll down from the list of products and then choose the product which you wish to remove. When you choose the product then hit on Uninstall option. At last, wait to complete the removal of your product from the system and then just restart your computer system.

With this above method, you can fix different Webroot Errors. If the customer need details, then go to the site of Webroot through